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Diving Center Nautilus

The story of “Nautilus” began in 1989. In that year, the firm was established by Alois Männer. In the first year, installation and repair of buoys was the main occupation. Industrial diving and a dive sport shop in Seewalchen quickly followed.

In 1995 “Nautilus” relocated to the Bundesforstbad in Weyregg directly at the shore of lake Attersee.

Robert Eder and Armin Leeb took over Nautilus in 2006 and ran the business until 2011 where they separated. The German company Divesport then took over the dive center and Andreas Six the buoy service.

Two years later in 2013 Andreas Six also bought the dive center and united the two branches of business. Now he is in charge of all the commercial and diving related matters and looking forward to seeing you.