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Ice Diving

Dive through a hole into ice-cold, glass-clear water. After a few flipper strokes, a thick layer of ice blocks your way to the surface. The rising air bubbles break against the icy ceiling and form bizarre, ever-changing patterns. Ice diving is fascinating and an adrenaline kick in its purest form. However, without the appropriate training and safeguards, ice diving is irresponsible and dangerous. With us you can learn and experience safe ice diving.Nautilus offers special courses for Ice Diving in Vorderen Langbathsee, due to our exclusive license from the Austrian Federal Forests Ltd.  Ice diving takes place in the months of January and February; when possible, also in the month of March.

Here you will find pictures of the last ice dive at Langbathsee!

DATES 2010:



21. - 23. January 2011

28. - 30. January 2011

04. - 06. February 2011

11. - 13. February 2011

18. - 20. February 2011

25. - 27. February 2011